Berger Metal & Wood Paints

Metal & Wood Paints by Berger Paints

Rang Tarang Paints is the reputed biggest retail counter-stores of the Berger Metal & Wood Paints in Delhi NCR. Berger Metal & Wood Paints are eco-friendly with very low odour. They are ideal when you want the paint to be washable and can be used for kids’ areas. Such paints provide a glossy look to metal and wood surfaces. Breathe Easy Luxury water based enamel is a gloss enamel developed primarily for use on wood and metal though it can also be applied on wall surfaces Lewis Berger WOODKEEPER is specially formulated for decorative and protective purposes both for Interior and Exterior wood.

Product benefits

  • Superior Gloss, quick drying and can be tinted with colorants
  • Special ALKYD which makes the product superior than competition
  • Can be used instead of Clear varnish and dries faster than clear varnish
  • Can be applied by brush or spray gun