Dulux Exterior Paints

Exterior Paints by Dulux Paints

Rang Tarang Paints is a retailer of Dulux Exterior Paints in Delhi NCR. Dulux Paints offers exterior emulsions that are high performance, long lasting exterior coatings. The range includes Dulux Weathershield Max, Dulux Weathershield Protect, Dulux Weathershield Signature, Dulux Weathershield Waterproof, and Dulux Weathershield Tex. All these exterior wall coatings have technologically advanced formulation which protects exterior walls from patches of dampness as well as algae and fungus formation caused by rains by covering the hairline cracks and preventing water ingress. Dulux exterior paints come with SunReflect Technology, which makes these a high quality 100% acrylic based solar reflective emulsion paints that minimize building heat gain. These coatings keep the surface upto 5 degrees cooler due to its higher Solar Reflectance Index value (SRI). All exterior paints come with a truly unique UV cross linking technology that hardens the top molecular layer of the paint film to give superior dust resistance.

* Flexible paint film (elastomeric)
* SunReflect technology
* Crackproof & weatherProof
* Long lasting protection
* Designer textured finishes
* Compliant with the requirements of Bureau of Indian Standards (IS:15489, Part B)