Dulux Interior Paints

Interior Paints by Dulux Paints

Rang Tarang Paints is a retailer of Dulux Interior Paints in Delhi NCR. Dulux Paints has a range of technologically advanced water based emulsions with Teflon that can be used on any plastered walls or wooden surfaces. The interior paint by Dulux is special enamel paint that imparts a hard film and, if touched up with rollers while wet, offers a textured lustre finish. The unique latex film makes it the top stain proof paint as compared to the ordinary emulsions, protecting your interiors from everyday stains. Being the quick drying emulsions, these are easy to apply and deliver a strong surface that is resistant to water or any other moisture considerably. The surface of the products, to which this paint is applied, is protected from fungal attack and chipping with its excellent water seepage blocking. The excellent washability and a rich, smooth finish makes the Dulux Interior Paints an affordable solution for the clients which is available in various volume tubs to suit their needs and budget.

* Smooth
* Plastic finish
* Cost effective
* Hard-wearing and washable
* Quick drying to maximize convenience